Hello World

I guess as the slogan goes; words do change over time. Surly if you are reading this – for the second time – now, you have noticed some changes. All the same°, I welcome you to a world that will challenge your brain cells .

So we all got into the lecture theater, after a while the professor rushed in, he seems to always be in a hurray, arranging his notes and papers on that large table that filled the entire stage. He took a quick glance towards a point in nowhere indicating everyone, then he couldn’t be sneak a glance at the student sitting second from the left of the second row, there was a hint of a smile, but I couldn’t “really” tell. He turned around, faced the board, and started writing the date and title. Though he was quite a young guy, he taught like old professors. I tried to see who was it that he smiled at and found that it was the girl from up north, but I thought she was with  . . . never mind.

“Hello world” in the center of the blackboard seemed to indicate the title of the lecture, but it wasn’t. It was our first program in Pascal. It was about how to print a message on the screen like “Hello world!“, which went something like this

program HelloWorld; 
   WriteLn('Hello world!'); 

A short and simple set of instructions, intended as one of the starting points for the new comers into the world of informatics in general, and programming in specific. The world of bits ‘n’ bytes. Talking about bytes, I recall hearing of one of the cleaners mentioning something this morning. Something about them, in the hallway adjacent to lecture theatre C6, that they talked briefly, they seemed to like each other. Well, they kissed and the girl went into the theatre, as he strolled back to his office.

I didn’t make much of what I heard at the time, but as the lecture drew to it’s conclusion, I noticed the grin on the Prof. face. As we walked out of the lecture theatre, two girls came out, hand in hand, with one of them wearing a black t-shirt with ‘Hello World’ written in big golden letters.

Swansea, Wales



2 Responses to Hello World

  1. * says:

    Many usefull data plus idea, as both versions all of us need to have, are grateful for this.

  2. Samara Elkurdi says:

    nice story, specially the last bit : )

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